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God’s Greenery is the leading online resource serving to host the discussion of where cannabidiol (CBD) intersects with the Christian faith.

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At God’s Greenery, it is our mission to provide useful resources for our followers to help educate them on cannabidiol (CBD) within Christianity. Our articles cover Bible passages and Scripture on cannabidiol (CBD) and related topics, how it can be considered morally, as well as what therapeutic benefits and limitations of related products you may experience while using it for health and wellness, especially in its different forms.

These articles provide Bible references as well as medical and scientific references, so you can ensure you have a strong factual and Scriptural basis as you make up your mind about various treatments and uses.

From an unbiased point of view, we intend to detail as much about cannabidiol (CBD) and related products as possible including their inner workings and properties and how their use influences us when we use it. Our articles provide detail on the potential benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) products as well as their limitations.

Furthermore, you can read about different stories and experiences from those within our society who use cannabidiol (CBD) for medical and spiritual needs. These first-hand stories present real experiences from real people highlighting how cannabidiol (CBD) is currently being used, regulated, and perceived within our society.

Within these stories, we will see how different types of treatments such as cannabidiol (CBD) and medical prescriptions are used for different types of conditions and the different methods in which it can be taken.

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