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Welcome to the Society page of God’s Greenery. Here you will find a wide range of articles which provide insights into cannabis within our society but more importantly it will provide you with insights into cannabis within our religious society. You will find articles here relating to cannabis news, law and the financial and economic aspects of the cannabis industry.

The news articles within God’s Greenery will keep you updated on everything cannabis-related and provide you with informative, valuable insights on what’s happening now.

The laws developing around cannabis and its use can be very tricky to understand. Our articles will provide precise and accurate details regarding cannabis, and its varying properties within treatments, and their legal status within the United States. After all, one state may say a particular CBD (cannabidiol) treatment is legal and another may say it is illegal though CBD itself may be legal in both. This type of information can help you make sure you operate within the law for cannabis use and even research.

In regard to the acceptance of cannabis, you will read about stories of how some people say it is helping people and other people think it needs further research or should not be used at all. Furthermore, our articles on acceptance will relate to how cannabis is or isn’t accepted in spiritual and medical terms as well. Does it have a place in our healthcare system or our churches?

We aim to separate facts from the fiction in regard to cannabis, providing clarity on some of the negative aspects it does indeed hold, while also highlighting the potential positives too.

Financial and industry-based articles aim to educate you on who is making moves into the cannabis industry and how well it is operating. Is a certain treatment being promoted that shouldn’t, or has a new treatment emerged from testing with approval?

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