God’s Greenery Editor Natalie Gillespie Brings ‘Real Hope’ about CBD

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God’s Greenery Editor in Chief Natalie Gillespie recently made a guest appearance on Southern California’s Real Hope with Briane Dennison. The 30-minute television show is hosted by former law enforcement officer Briane Dennison, who wanted to know the differences between marijuana and CBD and how CBD may positively impact people’s health. The show reaches 45 million American households via NRBTV and is available on YouTube. 

Want to know what Natalie shared? Here is a transcript of a portion of the show. 

Real Hope, Episode 8

Briane: What is God’s Greenery and what is the trend that we’re seeing in America today?

Natalie: GodsGreenery.com is a website that was created for people of faith, for the Christian community, to develop a thoughtful community to get to explore what CBD is and what it isn’t … As a Christian, I think it is important for us to get educated on topics that are difficult sometimes or topics that we think right off the bat might be controversial or might be something that the Lord would not approve of, because we can’t speak about it intelligently without appearing narrow or judgmental if we don’t at least learn about it.

Briane: As editor in chief, what is your responsibility at God’s Greenery?

Natalie: At GodsGreenery.com, I develop topics for the site. I write articles for the site. I also cull other writers, bring other writer together to contribute to the site. We look at Healy & Beauty. We look at Scripture & Commentary. We try to keep up with Rules & Regulations. Just all things CBD specifically … [Because] when we’re talking cannabis, we automatically think getting high. We think marijuana. And CBD is not marijuana. The difference is that we are talking hemp-derived. Although technically hemp is from the cannabis family, it is kind of like the cousin, the non-intoxicating cousin, of marijuana in that it does not contain the intoxicating element THC.

When I was hired to be the editor of God’s Greenery, it was a project that kind of came to me out of the blue, and my first reaction was, “I don’t even know what CBD is, but I think it has something to do with marijuana; and therefore I can’t be part of it as a Christian.” So I started reading articles on it and listening to podcasts and interviewing people, getting to know what this stuff is, and I found so many personal testimonies of people using CBD, which is just an oil derived from a plant that God made – without all the big pharmaceutical application put on it and kind of twisting it or changing it – and it was helping people. It was helping relieve inflammation in their body. It was helping relieve their itchy psoriasis or flaky patches. It was helping. In particular, I’ve heard testimonies of soldiers who were really battling PTSD and it was affecting all of their life. They felt like they couldn’t fulfill their passion and purpose in their life because their PTSD, with this trauma, was so affecting their daily activity. And this CBD oil was radically changing things. So I said “yes.”

I also got an affirmation in my life from a person I really feel like their spiritual knowledge is great ad one of my advisors and mentors that  I go to when I have a question. I said, “This came out of the blue. I kinda feel weird about this. As I learn about it, I feel more peaceful. But I just don’t know. Is this what I want to put my name and face on.” And that person I trust greatly said, “You know, the Lord rarely opens a door suddenly that He doesn’t want you to walk through.”

Briane: That is really what God called each of us to do, to live a life of obedience to Him. Sometimes He’ll open up those doors and we’re looking and we’re hesitant. But when we’re in prayer and we’re reading the Word and we have good, Godly counsel around us, that helps us and encourages us to make the decision God is calling us to do at that time. 

Now, as a police officer, when I first heard about CBD I was a little concerned myself because of the fact that I remember a lot of arrests that I would make had to do with drug-related crimes. And a lot of those had to do with marijuana. A lot of states now are legalizing it. They are legalizing it for recreational purposes, but they also are doing it for medical purposes. And so trying to navigate through all of that as a retired police officer, I just kind of wasn’t really sure what CBD was or how it would really be effective, but you’re saying there is a difference between the CBD aspect compared to the THC portion of the marijuana leaf?

Natalie: Yes, I’m saying that the marijuana plant and the hemp plant both have what’s called  cannabinoids in them. They’ve identified more than 100 of them. And what people don’t realize is that in us, God created us with an endo, which just means internal inside endocannabinoid system. And what scientists are discovering is that this endocannabinoid system that we have internally has CB1and CB2 receptors in our brains, in our lymph system, in our liver. And they still don’t know all the things that our endocannabinoid system does, but they do know that it helps create stability in the body. They are receptors that lead to homeostasis, so that there is no inflammation in the body, nothing going wrong in the body. And the cannabinoids in hemp and some of the same ones in marijuana interact with our receptors … We are seeing more and more testing now coming out showing the benefits of CBD, in particular. 

When it is hemp-derived and not marijuana-derived, that THC is not in the hemp. Or it’s in hemp in such trace amounts that to be legal it can’t be more than .3% THC, and you can find strains of CBD with none. And it is the THC that is that intoxicating element, that cannabinoid that does create the high or the euphoria that I believe alters you in some ways and if we’re looking at it in light of scripture and we want to be sober-minded, then that is a substance that we might not want to use. But with CBD oil not having an intoxicating effect and yet still activating or working with our receptors to alleviate inflammation in our body, people are finding relief, again, from anxiety from autoimmune disorders. It’s been used for epilepsy to reduce seizures. There are just so many things that people are anecdotally people are finding relief from that it makes it hard for me to believe that it’s just a placebo effect that it’s just a snake oil. That people are trying and thinking they’re getting relief. If you put CBD ointment or oil on your psoriasis where you’ve got itchy red patches and then they’re gone, that’s hard to argue with.

To see the rest of the interview, visit Real Hope with Briane Dennison here. You can also get to know Briane Dennison Ministries here and see where Real Hope is airing on NRBTV here. Briane Dennison has been seen on the television show COPS through his work with the Albuquerque Police Department, where he served 23 years in law enforcement before retiring as a decorated police officer. Born in Panama, Briane became orphaned at six months old and was adopted by a retired US Air Force Technical Sergeant. Briane became the first police officer in the Albuquerque police department to be appointed Chaplain Commander, leading 30 chaplains of varying faiths to give spiritual encouragement and support to more than 1,400 law enforcement personnel. 

God’s Greenery exists to build a thoughtful community of Christians who want to explore the truth about cannabidiol, or CBD. GodsGreenery.com aims to educate and inform Christians about the potential health benefits from CBD, as well as the legalities and any moral and spiritual implications of using hemp-based products. God’s Greenery hopes to bridge the gap for Christ followers between the false claims and hype surrounding CBD and to tell the truth, through careful research and personal testimonies, of the ways CBD is making a positive difference in people’s health and lives.

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