How Different Demographics Are Reacting to CBD

Different demographic Views on CBD Oil

Many peopple have different views on different things, but is everyone on the same page in relation to CBD oil? Image Credit: on Shutterstock

With cannabidiol (CBD) population growth spreading like wildfire due to preclinical and clinical showing that it may have a place in the medical, fitness, food and beauty industry, it’s interesting to know what different demographics think about CBD.

It’s an interesting topic due to the fact that CBD, also known as cannabidiol comes from the cannabis plant. It is a plant that is considered illegal around the world due to the Food and Drug Administration classifying it as a schedule 1 drug. Drugs within this class are believed to not contain any medical benefits whatsoever.

The World, CBD and the Law

However, in recent times, things have been starting to take a massive turnabout due to scientific studies suggesting that CBD contains many medical and therapeutic effects. Even though cannabidiol is legal around the globe because it can also come from the hemp plant, cannabis contains another chemical called THC that also may have its own medical properties. While the CBD industry is gaining traction, we want to find out what the different demographics feeling about CBD

So, with many governments recognizing this, many are taking steps into legalizing cannabis for medicinal use (medical cannabis).

What do Parents Think about CBD Oil

With medicine constantly improving due to new technologies, the cannabis plant is surely starting to make its way into the medical world. The funny thing is, with the legalization of cannabis across the United States and Canada, parents are starting to fret and worry that cannabis and CBD oil is going to be easily accessible.

The truth is, parents with teenagers don’t have to worry all that much. While it was expected that teen users would increase, in reality, a study carried out revealed that the rate of elderly users increased while the rate of teen users dropped.

Teenagers can be pretty rebellious and trying things like alcohol and cannabis can give them a rush, while cannabis has now been legalised, it might be that the so-called “novelty” of it has worn off. The fact of the matter is, that although parents believed that it was going to be a lot more accessible for them, the age to purchase it is 21 years of age.

While that is for medical cannabis, CBD is totally different. Parents are beginning to encourage their teenagers to use the oil. As we know, school years are tough for teenagers and with excessive bullying, in schools, CBD is able to help improve anxiety and depression symptoms.

What Do the Elderly Think About CBD OIl

Many people are beginning to learn that CBD is safe, with few side effects. Since it comes from a plant, it is an all natural source that may help treat certain ailments. It is known to eliminate seizures associated with seizure disorders such as epilepsy. However, many seniors are unaware of how it could improve their quality of life.

To them, they still have a very stereotypical view on the plant where CBD comes from. But that’s not to say that they all think like that. Since the legalisation of it, elderly users have increased and it’s a possibility that this is due to the plant being so popular back in the 70’s and its their way of reliving the good old days. But for elderly people, CBD might improve their quality of life as it is known to:

  • Have anti-inflammatory properties
  • Can manage and treat pain
  • Increase bone health
  • Fights glaucoma
  • Promotes sleep
  • Improve appetite
  • Studies show it may be able to fight and prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

The Over All Opinion and Thoughts on CBD

Like every topic of conversation, not everyone is going to agree. And to specify that all parents and all teens and all elderly people have the same views on a particular topic is totally inappropriate.

While CBD is relatively new, and the fact that it can be extracted from the cannabis plant, the idea of using something that is classified as a schedule 1 drug can be daunting for everyone. However, with information popping up about CBD more and more, people are starting to become educated on the subject, allowing each of us to make up our own minds, decisions, and opinions on the topic of CBD.

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