Will Cannabis Legalization Cause an Increase in Users?

Will there be an increased number of cannabis users due to legalization?

Many countries are taking steps into legalizing cannabis for medical use. Image Credit: YP_photographer on Shutterstock

29 states have legalized some form of medical marijuana (as of 2017). The legalization of the cannabis plant is spreading due to medical cannabis showing positive ways in treating many ailments. Since many countries and governments have been taking steps into legalizing cannabis for medical purposes, many people in society believe that this is going to promote cannabis use.

Cannabis Legalization, Should Parents Be Worried

With the legalization of CBD and cannabis, a lot of parents with teenagers are starting to become increasingly paranoid. While purchasing and using cannabis in the United States is for people over the age of 21 (the same as alcohol) parents are worried that their teens will start using and abusing cannabis use, considering it will be far more accessible.

However, with the legalization of cannabis around the world, it’s essential that we start to openly discuss the information regarding the cannabis plant. Especially about the risks of taking cannabis without the proper medical advice. This information would best be discussed within schools and other community groups.

Studies and statistics are showing that after decriminalizing marijuana (cannabis) the federal government research in the U.S. have found that regular cannabis use among teens decreased when the state legalized cannabis. This will hopefully calm concerned patents.

In fact, according to new federal survey data, after the legalization of cannabis in Colorado, the use of cannabis among teenagers has fallen to the lowest number in 10 years. The survey also states that it’s not just cannabis use that has dropped.

The survey also states that alcohol consumption, smoking tobacco and even schedule 1 drugs listed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)While these are statistics, it’s still essential for us to provide communities. Whether it’s the church community or the schools’ community to provide the younger generation with all of the necessary information on the cannabis plant.

Colorado Legalized cannabis in January 2014. Two years later, a new survey released by the Colorado State said

“The survey shows marijuana use has not increased since legalization, with four of five high school students continuing to say they don’t use marijuana, even occasionally,”.

While this has all been said and pretty much done, this is only regarding the younger generations. What about adult cannabis users? And even senior cannabis users?

Legalization of Cannabis, Will It Increase Adult and Senior Use?

The Canadian Science Policy Centre carried out a study called “Marijuana and Older adults: So Many Burning Questions”. According to this study, “the percentage of Ontarians over 50 who used cannabis in the past year nearly tripled over the last 10 years, and rose fivefold since 1977.” They continued with “We now see many baby boomers who grew up during the “hippy” years reaching well into their 60s and 70s. They are increasingly using cannabis for a variety of medical reasons including pain management.”

And the Society for the Study of Addiction, released a study in 2016 which states that “the prevalence of cannabis use has increased significantly in recent years” among U.S. adults 50 years and up. The only other issue here is that many are lead to believe that cannabis is a gateway drug, and using cannabis might form into users consuming other drugs

Since this is the case, it’s also crucial that teens, adults and seniors alike should have easy access to information on the cannabis plant, whether it’s for leisure use of even if it’s for medical cannabis. For seniors who are living in care homes, these care homes could provide information on the plant. One of the biggest concerns is how seniors will use cannabis, the methods, dosing and so on. It needs to be managed. If a senior wishes to start cannabis use, consulting their doctor or medical professional is vital for their quality of life.

In the end of the day, care homes located in states or countries where cannabis is legal cannot deny those who want or need it. Therefore protocols are going to have to be set in place if they are not already in place.

While it’s almost as if the tables have turned, seniors turning to cannabis use may be due to the fact that since the cannabis has been legalized, the stigma surrounding the plant fades. For those in there late 50’s, 6’s and 70’s many grew up in the 70’s, the generation of “the hippy” when cannabis use was popular, so it might be a case of wanting to revisit “the good old days”.

Overall, information on pro’s, con’s, side effects and risks need to be easily accessible to all ages. Although cannabis consumption among teens was said to increase, it makes sense that this number decreased while the number of adults and seniors using cannabis increased because business selling cannabis leads to more access to adults (anyone over the age of 21).

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