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What is CBD (cannabidiol) and how is it being used? Here you can read our articles on the therapeutic benefits and limitations of cannabis in its different forms for use in managing in a wide range of major and minor conditions, as well as the rapidly changing legal and government environments.

These articles will provide factual and unbiased insights into what cannabis, CBD (cannabidiol) and medical cannabis are, as well as their many therapeutic uses. We provide both scientific evidence as well as Scriptural passages from the Bible to provide you with guidance in regard to cannabis.

We will also provide updates to the ongoing legal developments and government regulation of certain cannabis-based treatments as approvals or restrictions are implemented, so you can be informed not just for reasons of Faith, but also where things stand within the various legal and government areas.

Cannabis is a plant provided to us by God. In its most natural form, without any interference from humanity, it is understood to have a wide range of potential benefits with some limitations and minor side effects. Similar to incense, it can provide us with a calmness to aid in our health and has been known to be used as an anointing oil in various religious practices.

Inside the plant itself, there are over a hundred different cannabinoids which are the chemical molecules we can consume via eating, inhaling or rubbing it on our skin for our various needs.

When cannabis is turned into specific treatments, this is when it is broken up between CBD (cannabidiol) and medical cannabis (which contains the hallucinogen THC) to be applied in many different ways.

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