4 Best Ways to Take CBD Oil

Learn about four new ways to take cbd oil.

CBD oils are becoming more popular for recreational use and medical use. Here are the four best ways you can use it. Image Credit: By paulynn on shutterstock

CBD products have exploded on the consumer market in the last year. Top fashion and entertainment magazines like Allure, Glamour, and Us have recently published articles that feature CBD in skincare products and beauty regimes and even tout it as a “Wellness Vitamin.” If you are a Christian who wants to explore CBD for the first time, what are the 4 best ways to take CBD oil?

God’s Greenery researched the top ways experts recommend taking CBD oil so you can receive the maximum benefits.

1. Sublingually

Perhaps the most recommended way of taking CBD oil is to introduce it to your body sublingually. Taking something sublingually simply means putting it under your tongue. Experts recommend placing your optimal dose of CBD oil under your tongue and holding it there for about 90 seconds. According to Healthline, taking something sublingually helps it get into your bloodstream quickly. There are lots of capillaries in your cheek and tongue, and these allow anything you put under your tongue to bypass your digestive system and go straight into your bloodstream. Taking CBD oil sublingually could be the best method for anyone who has difficulty swallowing capsules and for those who want to maximize the potential benefits of CBD oil by helping the body absorb it quickly. Some studies show it also does not get broken down by digestive enzymes, so more of the CBD oil gets directly into the bloodstream to be delivered throughout the body.

Disadvantages of taking CBD oil sublingually could include irritation and sores in your mouth and dilution of CBD’s effects if you eat or drink soon after taking it.

2. By Ingestion

Ingestion is quickly becoming the most trendy way to take CBD, especially putting CBD into foods and beverages. Ingesting something means to swallow it. When you swallow CBD oil, it goes through your digestive system and is processed by your liver. For CBD oils, that means you can take it in supplement form by capsule like you would a vitamin, or it can be mixed into foods and drinks. Taking a CBD oil capsule with your morning supplements could be an easy way to add CBD to your routine. If you want to eat or drink your CBD, companies selling CBD oils in everything from chocolate truffles to coffee are quickly becoming all the rage. Trying a CBD-infused olive oil or cupcake could be a good way to consume CBD oil for the first time, as foods typically contain lower amounts of CBD oils.

Disadvantages to trying CBD through ingestion is that studies have shown some of the potential beneficial effects are lost when the liver enzymes break CBD down. One way to prevent this may be to ingest CBD oil with fatty acids. Another disadvantage to taking CBD in foods or drinks is that it is hard to know how much CBD you are really getting. Heating CBD oil past certain temperatures may take away its beneficial effects. When a food or beverage is mixed with a high enough dose of CBD to get the maximum benefits, it could affect the taste of the product you are ingesting. Finally, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not yet approved CBD-infused supplements, foods, or beverages for people or animals. In fact, the FDA clearly states that CBD-infused food and beverage products and supplements that claim any kind of health or medicinal benefits remain illegal in the United States until more testing is done and FDA approvals are handed out.

3. Topically

The third top way to try CBD is to apply it topically. That means you rub it into the skin, either the CBD oils directly or CBD-infused lotions, creams and other beauty products. Beauty companies are now selling CBD-infused face masks, body lotions, facial creams, makeup, and even mascara. Applying CBD-infused products to your skin allows absorption by your pores into the bloodstream, another method that bypasses your digestive system and the breakdown of the CBD molecules by your liver enzymes. Some users claim CBD has cleared up skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis, and psoriasis by being applied directly to the affected areas. If you want to try CBD oil to relieve anxiety or insomnia, rubbing it into the skin can combine the calming effects of massage with the potential benefits of CBD oil.

Disadvantages to applying CBD products topically include possible skin irritation. Again, the FDA cautions consumers against using CBD products as supplements or for medicinal effects, as they are not regulated by the FDA. That means the creams and lotions reported to contain CBD oil might not contain any of it at all or may contain concentrations of CBD that are much higher or lower than companies claim.

4. Nebulizing or Vaporizing

The fourth way to take CBD oil is to vaporize or nebulize it. The process of nebulizing or vaporizing mixes the CBD molecules with water vapor that can be breathed in. While taking CBD oils in through a “vape pen” or “water pipe” may not be appealing to Christians due to the appearance of “smoking,” vaporizing CBD droplets and breathing them in is one of the best ways to absorb the highest amount of CBD oils. If a vape pen is not an option, there are a few nebulizer systems being developed that claim to nebulize CBD oils effectively, in much the same way that asthma medicines can be administered. This gets a high concentration of CBD oils into the lungs and distributed through the body quickly.

Disadvantages to vaporizing include the long-held tenet that smoking anything is wrong for Christians. If the appearance of vaping could cause another’s faith to stumble, vaping may be a no-go. Nebulizers could be an effective alternative, but CBD particles really don’t like water and don’t mix well with it, especially without the heat vape pens apply. A few companies claim to have overcome that hurdle, but are not readily available on the consumer market yet. Other disadvantages may include lung irritation and a persistent cough.

Before trying CBD or adding any new products to your health or beauty regimen, it is important, as always, to consult your healthcare professional.

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