7 Reasons Why CBD Might Not Work for You

Find out why your CBD oil may not be working for you.

For CBD oil to have the desired effect there needs to be specific elements in place. Image Credit: By Lesterman on shutterstock

There are so many people talking about CBD and so many places raving about its benefits that some see it as the new miracle cure. Studies show CBD can help alleviate pain, anxiety, seizures, and more. But what if you tried CBD oil yourself and it did not seem to do anything at all? Here are 7 reasons why CBD oil might not be the miracle oil for you.

All CBD Is Not Created Equal

When you look for a CBD oil, you need to know that the oil actually contains the CBD it claims to have, in the amounts it says it has in it. Unfortunately, plenty of companies are selling CBD oils that contain little of the healing cannabinoid and a whole lot of filler (basically olive oil or other oils). In order for CBD to help your body heal, it has to be present in sufficient quantities to make a difference. That’s why third-party testing of the products you buy is important. Make sure the company you buy from discloses the results of third-party testing on each batch of CBD, so you can see exactly what you are getting. Find out if the company you choose has control of the CBD product from “seed to shelf,” meaning it can trace the origin of the hemp, knows the way it was harvested, and can verify the way the CBD oil was extracted and processed.

You Need to Take the Right Dose of CBD Oil

If you do not find any benefit when taking CBD oil, you may not have taken the right dose. Experts recommend starting with a small dose to see how your body tolerates CBD, but if you do not see any results, you may need to increase your dosage. Because CBD has only recently come to the forefront of medical trials and studies, and because each person’s biological makeup is different, it may take some trial and error to see what dosage levels work for you. The good news is that studies show CBD has little to no harmful side effects, so it shouldn’t hurt your body if you take increased doses.

Your Expectations Are Misguided

Sometimes whether CBD oil works or not is a matter of expectations. If you have a variety of physical and emotional issues and think taking CBD oil will cure you of all of them overnight, you will probably experience disappointment. Although thousands find relief from a variety of issues by using CBD oil, most are quick to say it was not an overnight miracle or cure-all. In fact, most people say they did not feel anything at all when they first started taking cannabidiol. Those interviewed by God’s Greenery who find relief and healing say they developed a gradual realization that the negative issues were no longer present, not an instant feeling of relief. The best way we’ve heard it described is that CBD gives users the “absence” of the bad, not a feeling of “good.” In other words, it kickstarts your body into healing, rather than creating any euphoria or sense of “feeling better” right away.

You Need to Give It More Time

Like misguided expectations, some give up on CBD oil and determine it does not work after trying it only once or twice. CBD’s effects probably will not be felt immediately. Experts recommend trying CBD for the first time when your schedule is clear so you can monitor any changes in your moods or aches and pains for the first 10 to 20 minutes, then at 45 to 60 minutes after taking your first dose. If nothing changes, add more. Give yourself the time needed to see what dosages make a difference for you. If you give up too soon, your CBD oil may not have time to do its work. Like diets, supplement use, and essential oils, it takes time and patience to see what regimens work when you create new, natural healing routines.

You Are Too Healthy

If you face each day with bubbly optimism and nothing gets you down, CBD may not have a noticeable effect on you. If your body is in peak condition, with no aches, pains, or inflammation, CBD oil may not make any positive changes to your life. Why? Because you don’t need CBD to help you fix what isn’t broken. If you are very healthy, CBD will not hurt, but you may not need its help right now either. If that’s your situation, praise the Lord for your health!

You Need a Combination of Cannabinoids

CBD is just one of more than 100 cannabinoids contained in cannabis plants. Research is still in the early stages, but doctors and scientists are discovering that a combination of cannabinoids that could be custom designed for individuals will probably be the future of cannabinoids. Already, CBD companies purport to be customizing CBD combinations based on customers’ genetic and biological profiles. As scientific studies are growing exponentially in the cannabinoid branch of research, expect to see “super-combo” cannabinoid products enter the market that can be customized just for you.

Your Diet, Genetics, and Lifestyle Play Their Part

Just as an extremely healthy and fit person may not experience great benefits from CBD, likewise a very unhealthy person may not be cured by taking CBD oil. CBD oil is one tool to help human bodies combat inflammation, which manifests in a variety of ailments. However, good nutrition, plenty of hydration and exercise, and a healthy lifestyle also play large roles in healing. Consider CBD an added step on your health journey, not the destination.

If you tried CBD and it did not seem to work for you, consider which of these 7 factors affected you. You just might want to give CBD another try. Seek the Lord on whether CBD needs to be part of your health journey. And as always, it is best to consult your doctor or other health provider before making any changes to your medical and health routines.

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