CBD as a Natural Alternative to Prescription Pharmaceuticals

CBD: Natural Medicine

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a 100% natural product with many benefits that serves as an alternative product to many prescription drugs used for treating a variety of ailments, including epilepsy. The product is derived from hemp and has:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Anti-anxiety properties
  • Neuroprotective properties
  • Anti-seizure properties
  • Analgesic properties (pain relief)

Studies carried out to investigate the reliability of CBD, and CBD-based products, explored the medical uses, perceived efficacy, psychographics and demographic characteristics of the individuals under the study. As a result, scientist found cannabidiol to be extremely effective for the treatment of various ailments. These findings have helped to popularize the use of CBD as a natural alternative to prescription pharmaceuticals.

In comparison to many conventional prescription drugs, studies have also shown that CBD is often more useful and causes minimal side effects.


Studies carried out by The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation showed that the U.S. had up to 4 billion drugs in pharmacies in 2016. The rate of abuse of these drugs has always been on the rise too, with up to 6.3 million Americans addicted to these drugs, according to WebMD.

CBD has been proven effective in treating addiction and other negative effects of drug abuse, and is, itself, a better product for treating anxiety, seizure disorders, pain, and other health conditions as it is not psychoactive – doesn’t get you high – and is not addictive.

Aside from the benefits of CBD already mentioned, studies have also shown it to be reliable for the following medical purposes:

  • Helps to reduce seizures in children with severe epilepsy
  • Can kill and inhibit cervical cancer cells
  • Can soothe various skin conditions, like eczema and psoriasis

While it is possible to use CBD as a natural alternative to prescription drugs, many medical professionals and researchers are confused about which of the available CBD-based products can be trusted. However, a lot of effort is being put into establishing baselines around the successes, concerns, and perceptions of medical practitioners, researchers, and patients about the effectiveness and applications of CBD for various ailments.

The Addiction Problems

The most popular pain-relieving drugs today are opioids. Up to 42,249 people lost their lives in the United States in 2016 due to opioid overdose. This means an average of 115 people die daily from this opioid endemic. Most of these individuals started using opioids for pain relief, headaches, and other related health conditions but got hooked along the line, leading to their dependence and death.

The Opioid endemic is one good reason to find an alternative treatment method that can be as effective as an opioid but devoid of the addictive tendencies. This is where CBD products come in as a natural alternative to opioids and other prescription drugs.

Aside from the addiction problem associated with opioid analgesics, other prescription drugs also have several side effects that can be curtailed with the use of CBD-related products. Prescription drugs can cause tissue damages; they can negatively impact body organs, like the liver, kidney and even the heart. The liver is the organ involved in removing foreign and synthetic products from the body. A copious supply of these synthetic products can damage the liver and kidney since the organs can get overworked. The damage can cause terminal kidney and liver damages and death may result. Often an organ transplant is required, which is expensive and dangerous.

Why CBD is Effective

CBD is a 100% natural product and will not lead to any organ damage since it is not seen as a foreign product by body tissues. Due to the human body’s endocannabinoid system, CBD gets digested and absorbed into body organs naturally to promote good health and wellbeing.

Here are a few more reasons why CBD is a natural alternative to prescription drugs:

  • Scientific studies have revealed that CBD is effective against pain. Consequently, it can be used in the place of pain-relieving opioids, which are addictive
  • The World Health Organization confirmed CBD to be a non-psychoactive and non-addictive.
  • CBD is one of the natural constituents of industrial hemp and it can be presented in various forms like capsules, tinctures and topical products, which make it accessible to various patients in different forms, depending on the ailment that needs to be treated.
  • CBD is a 100% natural product. It is a non-psychoactive and is a legal product under the federal law if it is extracted from hemp; consequently, you can use it without doctor’s prescription or recommendation.

While the federal law may not ban the use of CBD products, certain states have CBD legislations that may go contrary to what the federal law says about this product. As a result, it is only wise to consider what the law says about CBD in your home state before buying, carrying or using it. Also, many of the state laws guiding CBD are dynamic. Therefore, be sure to check for changes from time to time.

Why CBD-products are Non-psychoactive

The two main ingredients in marijuana are THC and CBD. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol and is the psychoactive component of marijuana, while CBD is the non-psychoactive component. Aside from being psychoactive, THC is equally responsible for the addictive property of marijuana; the reverse is the case with the other important ingredient, which qualifies CBD as a natural alternative. Consequently, CBD-derived products are not psychoactive or addictive; such products can then be used for treating pain and several ailments.

Note: All over-the-counter CBD products being sold today have recommended dosages on them. It is advisable to stick to those doses for the desired effect.

Reliable Sources of CBD

CBD is a natural alternative to prescription medications, but not all CBD products are reliable. It is unfortunate that many of the manufacturers are only in it for the money. However, you can trust CBD products coming from registered companies where you can buy authentic CBD products such as:

  • Cronos Group, Inc, a company licensed to produce CBD products in Australia
  • Canopy Growth Corporation, a licensed company producing CBD-rich oils. The company is fast expanding to Colombia and Lesotho. It also produces pain-relieving CBD products
  • Aurora Cannabis, Inc., a company already producing various strains of medical marijuana
  • Organigram Holdings, Inc, a company producing medical strains of marijuana including CBD products.
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