Scripture & Commentary

What does Scripture actually says about using cannabis? Is using CBD a sin? Explore this section to help better understand how long cannabis has been used throughout the history of the Church in Christian teachings and the moral implications of using CBD.

You will be able to read first-hand quoted passages taken straight from the Bible itself, so you can develop your own point of view. We provide passages from Romans to Galatians and many more, so you can determine whether or not God has provided us with this cannabis plant as an aid or to test our moral fiber.

We also provide up to date medical, and scientific insights into the benefits and limitations of cannabis which have been discovered. This is to further support your search based on the findings of the Bible which provide both vague and explicit evidence passages referencing cannabis.

We feel this is important so that people can see that where medical evidence and Scripture overlap or seem to differ in showing cannabis to be used for different reasons. We believe the Truth to be consistent with both Scripture and medicine.

These Scripture articles also encourage a healthy discussion for us to ask what the modern-day Church can, should, and does think of the cannabis plant today with its many different potential benefits.

God created the Heavens and the Earth, so He must have put the cannabis plant on Earth for us for some reason.

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