CBD Oil and Third-Party Testing: Getting Quality CBD

Learn about trustworthy CBD oil.

CBD oil can be great for your family but you must source it from reliable vendors. Image Credit: By Madeleine Steinbach on shutterstock

I know God invites us to test Him in certain ways in order to prove that He is exactly who He says He is. I have grown to see this journey for a quality CBD oil in the same way. Throughout Scripture, God rebukes those who test Him out of their lack of faith. But He also unapologetically tells His people to test Him in the area of giving. He admonishes them to test Him, not because they lack faith, but in order to confirm that He will fulfill His word and reveal His true self. The timeless lesson is that God is not a liar. He will fulfill His word if we step out in faith and courage. He is transparent and true, and He does not hide from us.

As I stepped into the CBD oil arena, I was faced with this idea of testing and its significance, albeit in a different way. When I first started researching CBD oil, I learned that hemp is a bioaccumulator that actually cleans the soil in which it is planted. This fascinated me. It made me grateful to know that God is such a perfect designer. That made the question of where and how the plants that produce CBD oil were grown supremely important to me. If the hemp is planted and grown in a toxic environment, then those very contaminants will end up in the hemp and in the CBD oil that I’m buying for my family.

Pure CBD Oil or Toxic: Third-Party Testing for Purity

As I researched, figuring out where CBD oil is sourced seemed out of reach. I didn’t know how to find out or who to contact. Still, I wanted to figure it out. I was so interested, which was new for me. I know some people try to buy only organic products for their families (and I respect them tons), but that has never been me. That journey to clean living always seemed too hard and laborious for me as a wife and working mom of two young kids. CBD oil presented a new, challenge. Because of the threat of toxins, mold, mercury, and bacteria in our CBD oil, it didn’t feel like a choice anymore. I had to figure this out.

As I started looking, I learned there are some companies that will tell you information about the origin of their CBD oil if you take the time to call and ask. Other companies will not. The most reputable companies will offer you the results of unadulterated, third-party testing if you ask. Then I found one company that posted on their website the results of third-party testing on every batch right of CBD oil.

When I found this type of transparency readily available to me as the consumer, I was blown away. This was the peace of mind I was searching for. I became an ameteur sleuth and scientist, learning about gas chromatography and certificates of analysis for each batch of hemp. I learned there are actually hundreds of cannabinoids in hemp and cannabis, with CBD being just one of them.

Finding the Right CBD Oil for Your Family

The two most prevalent cannabinoids are CBD and THC, and this distinction actually separates hemp from marijuana. In marijuana, THC is the dominant cannabinoid. In hemp, THC is only 0.3% or less and CBD is dominant. I discovered that the purpose of the gas chromatography test is to break down the hemp into the different components present and quantify the purity of the CBD oil by showing percentages of each element. The certificates of analysis show if there are any foreign matter, molds, or mildew present in the CBD oil. I was only interested in an oil that had none of these things present.

My quest for a quality CBD oil led me down a path of quasi-scientific discovery, and a renewed demand for transparency. I know God invites us to test Him in certain ways in order to prove that He is exactly who He says He is. I have grown to see this journey for a quality CBD oil in the same way. We have an obligation to ourselves and our families to prove that the CBD oils we’re using are exactly what they claim to be. They should be pure, with no foreign matter, molds, mildew, or bacteria present. They should have certain quantities of CBD, and be under the legal threshold of THC. We can’t depend on a company, either foreign or domestic, to be truthful and honest. We have a responsibility to test what companies tell us and see what holds up by looking through the third-party testing results they can provide.

When researching CBD oils, choose a company that not only utilizes third-party testing to ensure the quality of every single batch, but also makes those results readily available to you as the consumer. God allows us to test Him so He can show us his best qualities and so He can reveal the heart of who He is. Third-party testing of the CBD oil you consider reveals what your CBD oil is. Transparency is a requirement. You and your family are too important to settle for less.

Kim Nelles
Kim Nelles
Kim Nelles
Kim Nelles is an English teacher, a wife, and mom of two beautiful girls. She lives in Texas and is helping her family heal naturally with the help of CBD oil. If you would like to connect with Kim and learn more about CBD oil, you can reach her at [email protected]

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