Can I Be a Christian If I Do Not Like Reading the Bible?

Reasons why not reading a bible means you can still be a Christian

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When I was four years old, I asked Jesus into my heart. I knew I had done things that were wrong, and I felt in my little-girl core there was a holy God who wanted me to follow Him and desired to forgive my sins. As I grew, I wavered in my beliefs but settled my questions of faith by my late 20’sand knew I wanted to follow Christ for the rest of my life.

There was one problem: I never liked reading the Bible. I loved to read just about anything else, but the Bible felt dry and boring. It also inspired tremendous guilt, as it seemed like Christians all around me truly found pleasure in reading and studying the word of God.

If you are a Christ follower like me, maybe reading the Bible feels like a chore to you. Can we be authentic believers in Christ without reading the Bible?

Get Rid of Guilt: No Condemnation in Christ

I believe you can give your life to Christ and become a Christian without reading the Bible. You can come to an understanding of who Jesus is and what He did for you through a variety of ways beyond Bible reading. You may feel the tug on your heart when you hear a sermon or a friend’s personal story. You may meet Jesus by praying on your own. You may have an encounter with God through music or nature and feel that tug inside your soul at the sheer beauty of sound and color.

If you are a Christian and struggle to get into the Bible, let go of the guilt. Romans 8:1 tells us that if you are in Christ, there is no condemnation. He died to get rid of your guilt. So lay it at His feet and ask Jesus what you should do about it.

Why Reading the Bible Is an Important Part of a Christian Walk

So if you can be a Christian and not enjoy the Bible, are you off the hook from reading it? Not exactly. Without reading the Bible, it’s like having a long-distance relationship with the one you love with no means of communication except old-school letters – and never opening the letters.

The Bible is a collection of God’s letters to us. It has tons of great life instruction and encouragement that apply to today. I have found that as I persisted in trying to read the Bible, my appetite for it has grown. Although I will never be a person who remembers to read the Word every day and who is inconsistent with regular “quiet times,” I still use the Bible as my go-to for great advice. When we read the Bible, we also see the way God works through history and get a framework for the way he works in our lives.

Bible journaling

5 Ways to Enjoy the Bible More

The Bible doesn’t have to be a dry book you pull out again and again, only to give up and put it back on the dusty shelf.  Here are five ways to enjoy the Bible more.

  1. Try audio Bibles and podcasts. The Bible Recap is a great podcast that helps you read through the Bible in a year and understand what you are reading. It just takes a few minutes each day. Many audio versions and translations are available online for free. My personal favorites are the New Living Translation or dramatized versions of the Bible.
  2. Join a Bible study group or read the Bible with family or friends. Just like it’s hard to make big diet changes alone, Bible reading is easier and more fun in a group. Find one in person, at church, or online. Or read the Bible with your spouse and kids. Give yourselves manageable goals and rewards. Make it a fun togetherness time. Pizza or ice cream, anyone?
  3. Try reading other translations and adaptations. If you only stick to the King James or the ESV, it might be time to try and ifferent edition. offers many translations. Personally, I enjoy the New Century Version and New Living Translation for their modern language, but default to the New International Version and sometimes the Amplified Bible for additional meaning.
  4. Choose a great Bible study book. There are excellent versions by Kay Arthur, Beth Moore, or other authors. Use a Bible concordance and atlas to look up references, definitions, cultural context, and geographical locations. These tools can enhance your Bible reading experience.
  5. Find a Bible journaling group if you are creative and reading is always going to feel like a chore, Bible journaling may be ideal. It includes doodling to highlight verses, coloring, drawing, and turning your Bible into a beautiful work of art.
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