CBD Oil Helped Me Be the Best Mom I Can Be

Learn to be a great mom while using CBD oil.

Hear about the real life story of Sindy Gore Ost who uses CBD oils and creams and still remians a great mom. Image Credit: By Falcona on shutterstock

In September 2016, Sindy Gore Ost was on her way to a surgical center for a simple procedure on her knee when a car barreled into her vehicle. The head-on collision left Sindy with major injuries. She went to physical therapy for months after the accident, but she did not feel like she was getting better. She consulted with orthopedic surgeons who told her she needed major surgeries or she would be wheelchair-bound within five years. The news devastated her.

“It was so hard,” Sindy told GodsGreenery.com in an exclusive interview. “I did not know how I would take care of my family. The pain was incredible.”

After the surgeries, Sindy’s doctors prescribed a variety of medications to help her manage her severe pain. The narcotics and opiates covered the pain, but they also kept her from functioning. As a wife and mother of four young adopted children, Sindy wanted to be her best for them, and that was impossible on the prescriptions she was taking. However, without the pills, the pain was excruciating.

Prescriptions or Chronic Pain: A Mom’s Tough Choice

“My husband took three months off to take care of me and the kids, but then he had to go back to work,” Sindy said. “That meant I had to stop taking the medications, because they made me feel so foggy. I needed to be taking my kids back and forth to school and be there for them, but I couldn’t do it on those medicines.”

Sindy suffered for months, making herself get out of bed to get the kids to and from school but unable to fully enjoy her life. Then in January 2018, she had a conversation with her sister-in-law who lived in Colorado. Her sister-in-law suggested Sindy try CBD oil.

“I knew absolutely nothing about it,” Sindy said. “I was super nervous about it. I researched and researched for five months, reading everything I could find online. I just Googled my symptoms and started typing in the things that were going wrong in my body. So many articles about CBD popped up. People seemed to be getting a lot of relief, but I still wasn’t sure. I knew nothing about it. Absolutely nothing.”

What Sindy Discovered About CBD Oil
Sindy said she thought CBD was marijuana, and because of her personal faith and convictions, she wanted nothing to do with it. She did not want to get high. She did not want to touch illegal drugs. The more she researched, the more she understood that hemp-based CBD does not have the psychoactive THC that gets people high.

Sindy said she began fervently praying, asking God to help her make the right decision. On narcotics and opiates, she spent up to 90 percent of her days in bed, unable to be the wife and mom she needed to be. Without the medications, the pain was so severe that she wasn’t much better. She begged God for the answer.

I decided to try CBD,” Sindy said. “One of my friends on Facebook was a registered nurse, and I started seeing videos she posted about CBD and what it did for her son with ADHD. I reached out to her and said I wanted to get started. When we talked, I liked everything she had to say. The products she had were non-gmo, organic, gluten-free – everything that sounded like a good fit for me.”

Sindy talked to all of her doctors and said they all agreed with her decision. She ordered her first CBD oil and cream and started the products in May 2018. Within a couple of weeks, she started to feel relief from the muscle tightness and pain.

“I have 40 pieces of metal and hardware in my body, and when I am under pressure or any type of stress, everything gets tight,” she said. “You can even see the bones or hardware pressing out in my neck. I started seeing that decrease significantly.”

Feel Like Yourself Again
Sindy said she took CBD oil under her tongue twice a day and applied CBD creams topically every 4 to 5 hours. Within months, she was able to wean herself off all the prescription drugs doctors administered to control her pain and muscle spasms. The CBD oil not only helped her feel like herself again, but also she no longer had the brain fog and sleepiness the prescriptions induced.

“I was able to get off all the medications and stay off of them” Sindy said. “I didn’t even have to take anything over the counter like ibuprofen. With the extensive injuries I had, it was miraculous. It took away a lot of my anxiety as well.”

Today, Sindy enjoys activities with her kids, time with her husband, and runs two businesses of her own. In her spare time, she and a close friend are launching a nonprofit organization to offer retreats to adoptive moms like herself.

“It’s amazing that I am able to sustain like I do,” Sindy said. “I keep myself quite busy. When I look back, I can’t believe it. From August until December of 2017, I spent almost all that time in bed. When my husband went back to work after Christmas that year, I had to force myself to get up to take care of the kids. I had to prepare lunches. I had no choice but to drive again and take the kids back and forth to school.

“But I was very fearful. I did not want to be driving them while taking all those medications. The last thing I wanted to be was behind the wheel when the medicines made me feel foggy. I knew there had to be some other way. Now, I can stay up late instead of lying in bed. I can go to amusement parks. I have a lot of energy I did not have.”

Sindy says her family and close friends are amazed at the transformation in her. When asked if she thinks the difference really is CBD and not just that her body has healed over time, Syndi is adamant.

“I know it’s the CBD because, honestly, there have been sometimes when I forget to take it, and I don’t feel good,” she said. “The energy is not there and I am in pain. With CBD, I am a walking, talking miracle.”

Sindy Gore Ost is a wife, entrepreneur, and adoptive mom of four wonderful kids ages 2 to 12. She lives in Florida with her family and can be reached via email here.

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