CBD Oil Helped This Widow Heal

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Mary Alward of Ontario, Canada has used CBD oil to help treat her pain.

Mary Alward of Ontario, Canada, remembers when she was a thriving, outgoing writer. Life was good. She was happily in love with her husband Dwight of many years, and they looked forward to fun retirement years together. 

Then life took unexpected turns. 

Loss and Pain Narrowed Mary’s World

Dwight died suddenly. Mary now had to face her future alone. Four-and-a-half months after losing her beloved husband, her older and only brother Ted passed away. Mary suffered from health issues, including crippling bone pain and an itchy, angry skin condition. During this time, Mary cared for her elderly mother, who was in her nineties. Life looked bleak for the formerly upbeat, positive author. She stopped writing. She stopped socializing. Her daughter and two grown sons lived fairly close to her, but she couldn’t even see them much due to her caregiving responsibilities and constant pain.

“The bone-on-bone pain was extreme, and I found it difficult to walk anywhere without a cane,” Mary shared. 

Gone were Mary’s walks with her faithful companion dog, a Belgian Malinois named Dakota she had owned for ten years. In fact, she often stayed inside, too embarrassed to go out in public because she constantly scratched her skin. Nothing she tried helped with the scaly, itching, burning sensation. The skin and bone problems weren’t new, but without her support system, she lost her ability to rebound and keep going. The more Mary scratched, the more her skin itched, turned red and became scaly. The debilitating cycle felt devastating.

Grandmother’s Natural Remedies

Mary grew up in a household that used herbal remedies as a matter of course instead of doctor-prescribed or over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. Her maternal grandmother grew and dried herbs for medicinal uses. The family wrapped twisted ankles with rags soaked in water boiled with willow bark. For colds, they drank tea made from garlic cloves. A mustard plaster fought pneumonia, and a bitter-tasting spring tonic kept them healthy. 

“I am not sure what all of them were,” Mary said. “But they worked. I wish now I had paid more attention.”

For her own health, Mary did what most people do today. She went to the doctor, got prescriptions, and also tried all the over-the-counter products she could find. In an effort to try something more natural, she tried essential oils, but not with any regularity. She continued to suffer. Nothing seemed to help.

A Friend Recommends CBD Oil

When one of her writing friends from Texas recommended Mary try CBD oil, she decided to give it a chance. Remembering the natural remedies her grandmother relied upon, it was a natural choice. Upon discovering CBD oil did not get users high, Mary joined the growing group of Christians who use CBD oil. 

“In Ezekiel 47:12, it says, ‘Their fruit will be for food, and their leaves for medicine,’” Mary said. “My belief is that God put everything on this earth for us to use to stay healthy and strong.”

At her friend’s suggestion, Mary began her CBD oil regimen. She took five drops under her tongue twice a day, more often on those days when her pain felt intolerable or her mood plummeted her. She also started using a CBD-based appetite suppressant. She took that a half hour before every meal. 

To Mary’s delight, the oil worked quickly. Within two weeks, the severe discomfort in her bones and joints almost disappeared. Miraculously, the skin problems she lived with for many years cleared up. Yes, she still had occasional flare ups, but these are rare since she started taking CBD oil twice a day.

Today, the discomfort in her knee joints, the agonizing bone pain, have almost totally gone. Mary says she has also lost twenty-five pounds, thanks both to the appetite-suppressant spray and the oil. The cane that was her constant companion is now only necessary when she goes to the grocery store. She is able to get out more. She can enjoy the company of her dog Dakota on short walks. Instead of depending on others, she can do more errands for herself.

Mary said CBD oil also helped lift the depression and doubts that plagued her since the loss of her husband. She feels calmer, more peaceful and patient. As her discomfort diminished, her spirits lifted. As her quality of life improved, she rediscovered her motivation and drive. 

Finding Community through CBD

Mary has made new lifelines within the community of CBD users. She says they support her wholeheartedly. 

“I have so many online friends now,” Mary said. “And often we talk on the phone.”

Mary’s life and health improved so significantly with the use of CBD oil that she began selling it to others. Mary’s income dropped when Dwight died, so the newfound business is benefitting her health, her spirits, and her finances. She loves to share the good news of CBD oil with others. A longtime friend, who lost her husband just days before Mary lost Dwight, has become her business partner.  

Now Mary has other users joining her in the CBD business. She loves the job. She can work from her phone or computer and potentially sell to customers all over the world. Mary’s motivation has grown with her job. Each month she sets new goals, and hits them. As she steadily moves up, her success doubles her joy. Not only is she performing well on the job, but also she’s achieving her main goal: to help people like her overcome their ailments. 

“I thank God every day for the blessings He has sent my way,” Mary said. “He is a great and powerful God who is with us always. He provides me with my every need. I am so thankful to be a child of God.”

Darlene Franklin
Darlene Franklin
Darlene Franklin
Darlene Franklin lives near her family in Oklahoma. She has published more than 100 books and thousands of articles.

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