The First Changes You Notice When You Start Daily CBD Supplements

When Taking CBD Supplements, What are The First Changes

CBD products have now been on the market for a while and many more people are starting to use them in their daily lives. CBD is being used as a general health supplement as well as a way of treating symptoms of various ailments. CBD is a compound which is derived from the cannabis plant and works without endocannabinoid system to bring the body back into a state of balance. This means that there is potential for using these compounds to treat many illnesses in the future.

There is vast amounts of anecdotal evidence as to the efficacy of cannabis-based products for treating depression, anxiety, pain and inflammation as well as many other ailments such as nausea and vomiting. While the research is still ongoing and most CBD products are not yet classed as medication, we can look at some of the anecdotal evidence from people who have been using the products for quite some time to get a fair idea of the effects of using CBD supplements on a daily basis.

The First Improvement Noted was in Sleep Quality

Users found that they were able to fall asleep faster and sleep disturbances became less frequent and even disappeared altogether. There were few night wakings if any at all. Most users claimed to remember dreams vividly on waking and woke up feeling clearer and fully refreshed.

Cognitive Powers Improved

Many people claimed that they were able to concentrate better after using CBD for less than three months. They found that they absorbed information better and were able to retain the information they had taken in as well as recall it accurately. They also noted that they felt calmer and could pay attention for longer periods. Focus improved and they were less prone to distractions. They found that they stressed less when studying for and writing tests and examinations or when giving presentations in front of an audience.

CBD Improved Mood and Positivity

CBD noticeably reduced stress and anxiety and gave users a sense of improved well-being. Users said that they felt more positive and episodes of anxiety or full blown panic attacks were reduced and even canceled out entirely. They claimed to feel more positive and optimistic and were able to handle stressful situations better.

Reduction in Cravings

Many people used CBD to reduce the cravings associated with alcohol and nicotine addiction. People found that it was easier to quit smoking and the abuse of alcohol when using CBD and withdrawals were reduced substantially. Those using CBD found they could control their cravings better and ignore the urge to reach for drink or a cigarette better than most other substances given to help prevent cravings.

Even for those who did not outright quit, smoking was reduced tremendously as users did not feel a craving for nicotine as urgently or frequently as they normally would. CBD has also been noted to actually reduce the effects of THC, another cannabinoid. This can reduce the psychoactive effects of this substance and perhaps a number of other intoxicating substances.

Reduction in Pain and Inflammation

Many users tried CBD for the control of mild to chronic pain and inflammation. Some found immense relief from topical creams for joints and muscles, while others found that CBD helped with pain due to surgery and injury as well as seeming to speed up overall recovery. Some people report replacing common analgesics with CBD to control headaches and minor pain with some success, reducing their need to use chemicals which can cause harm with long term use.

Dosages may Vary

Many people found low doses effective especially those who had never used cannabis based products in the past. It does sometimes take a while to work out an effective dose for each person and their complaint, but it is possible. That being said, some people claimed to build up a tolerance to CBD over a three month period and the effects may change to a degree. While for some people, the first use may have fairly intense effects, as tolerance is built up, this could change and further experimentation with dose and type of product may need to be done.

Using CBD for Pets

While the pets cannot tell their stories, many people have used CBD oil to treat pets suffering from pain and inflammation from conditions such as arthritis and joint pain. They claim that CBD has helped their pets in just a short month or two of using the product on a daily basis. This is good news for vets and pet lovers alike.

Side Effects of CBD

CBD is not psychoactive and will not make you high, but some people do complain of mild nausea and dizziness when first starting on CBD. This effect usually went away when starting with a lower dose to build up a tolerance. Other potential side effects that were noted by people using high doses of CBD on a daily basis included dry mouth, lightheadedness and dizziness, changes in appetite and digestive systems issues, low blood pressure, increase in shakes and tremors, changes in the uptake of other medication. CBD may cause the body to absorb higher doses of some medications while reducing or canceling out the effects of others all together.

There was a single unconfirmed case of CBD causing a lower immune response. CBD is well tolerated by humans in general and to date there have been no overdoses or fatalities from using CBD products. Until the research is improved, it is recommended that CBD not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you experience side effects, stop taking the supplement and discuss the issues with your doctor. You may find a lower dose can reduce or prevent the onset of these types of reactions.

There are many other effects of using CBD for which there are endless amounts of anecdotal evidence. While for most people, CBD is used as a health supplement to help their body and minds cope with various ailments, for others it is simply a health supplement to improve their intake of vitamins, minerals and essential Omega-3s and Omega-6s. It is proven, scientific research on CBD for use for epilepsy to control seizures and there is a registered medication already in existence for this malady. With the research being ongoing, there may be a lot more medications available containing CBD in the future. Before starting on a course of CBD, make sure that you discuss it with your doctor especial if you are taking prescription medication for a chronic condition.

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