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Natalie Gillespie is an award-winning author, journalist and editor who has written for a variety of publications

I’m thrilled you are here and cannot wait to get started with you on the journey to natural health by exploring CBD. When I was asked to become the Editor in Chief of GodsGreenery.com, I did not know much about CBD. I knew a little bit about CBD’s potential for helping the body heal in many ways, but I felt nervous about it. I had the same questions you may have:

  • Would it get me high?
  • Would using CBD violate any of God’s principles or my beliefs?
  • Would my Christian friends or my pastor be okay with it?

My initial instinct was to say “no.” This was not a job for me. Then a trusted friend reminded me that God rarely opens a door He does not want you to walk through. This was not a project I went looking for. It came to me suddenly, quite out of the blue. I asked for time to pray about it. I talked to my husband and spiritual leaders. I really tried to seek God’s heart.

I started doing some research. In my 25 years of writing professionally for television, newspapers, magazines, and websites, I have learned how to do some deep digging! The more I read about CBD, the more I wanted to know. I read legislation and the National Law Review, medical papers from the American Academy of Dermatology, the Mayo Clinic, the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs and more. I interviewed people I know and total strangers who tried CBD. I found myself impressed by their testimonies. I said “yes.”

I am approaching a time of life where my hormones are changing and my emotions are all over the place. (Just ask my husband!) My husband has been suffering from some inflammation or autoimmune issues, including psoriasis. My teens have acne, and one struggles with PTSD from early childhood trauma. One of my adopted daughters has seizure disorder. Another has anxiety and sensory issues. Budding research and personal stories show all of these conditions may see improvement with the help of CBD products.

I love my sweet 13-year-old daughter Axi with all my heart. We knew when we adopted her at the age of 5 that she had cerebral palsy and some developmental delays. We did not know she had seizure disorder. The first time she had a seizure and stopped breathing, my heart stopped. Since that terrible night 8 years ago, Axi has taken anti-seizure medication twice daily. It keeps her seizure-free, but we know it will damage her liver eventually. If CBD provides a natural way to wean her from her seizure medicine, I want to know more.

If you could use a few drops of oil daily from a plant God created to keep your precious child alive, would you? If it had far fewer side effects than her current medicine and did not alter her personality or get her high, why wouldn’t you?

That’s why I am excited to meet you on this journey of learning about CBD products. Hemp-based CBD products do not get you high. They are rapidly gaining acceptance and legality in the United States, and they may be a more organic, natural way to help your family heal. Here at GodsGreenery.com, we will do the research for you. We will ask the hard questions. We will explore any theological do’s and don’ts. We will give you current and cutting-edge information to help you make informed decisions and the right choices for those you love.

I promise I will walk this path alongside you, discovering together, as we create a faith-based community seeking natural health and exploring CBD.

In Christ,

Natalie Gillespie

Editor in Chief

Natalie Gillespie
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Natalie Gillespie
Natalie Gillespie
Natalie Gillespie is an author, journalist and editor who has published more than 2,000 articles in the last 20 years in magazines and websites such as HomeLife, Guideposts.com, and Publishers Weekly. You can reach Natalie with article ideas, personal testimonies, theological thoughts, or just to say “hello” at [email protected]

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